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From my days studying architecture at Arizona State University, Arcosanti has been more than a mere subject of study. It represented a dream of what architecture could achieve - not just structures, but societies. The principles behind Arcosanti resonated deeply with my aspirations, where human habitats coexist with the environment, challenging the tide of unbridled urbanization.

In 1970, under the aegis of The Cosanti Foundation, Arcosanti began to rise from the desert sands. Conceived as a prototype arcology – a harmonious fusion of architecture and ecology – Arcosanti emerged as a canvas for Soleri's groundbreaking urban planning ideas. Over the decades, driven by the hands and spirits of workshop volunteers, the Arcosanti Alumni, this "urban laboratory" began to take shape.

Though Soleri's visionary blueprint in "Arcology: The City in the Image of Man" envisaged a bustling hub housing thousands, Arcosanti, in reality, has seldom been home to more than a hundred souls at a time. Yet, its impact has been profound. Regarded as a pioneer in sustainable architecture and an antidote to urban sprawl, Arcosanti embodies a vertically-dense design, emphasizing live-work spaces in harmony with nature.

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Discovering Arcosanti: My Architectural Journey

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